Training Room Hours/Treatment Time

Athletic Training Room Hours

– Monday – Friday:
6:30 am – 7:30 am
Treatment is open after school until 5:45 pm.
If you practice in the morning you are expected to come to treatment after school

– School Holidays/Weekends
Natalia ISD Athletic Trainer will be on call for practices that occur during this time. Appointments can be made individually with Doc.  All home games will be covered.

If an athlete is injured the expectation is that it is mandatory that they come in for treatment. The athlete must come to treatment or to see Doc in order to receive any type of practice modification. If an athlete does not come to treatment or report their injury to Doc before their athletic period, no activity modification will be made.

Athletes must come to treatment if they want to be taped. Taping is not the only answer to an injury, if an athlete is injured bad enough to need tape treatment is also necessary. No treatment equals no tape!

Athletes must show up before 6:45am for morning treatment to ensure full evaluation and treatment. Please talk to Doc if these times do not work so that modification can be made to accommodate athlete needs.