Parent/Guardian Info

Dear Parent/Guardian,


The purpose of this website is to inform you about the Athletic Training services & Sports Medicine care available to your athlete at Natalia ISD. As the Athletic Trainer at Natalia ISD, it is my role to provide an objective assessment of injured athletes and manage a safe return to competition. I attempt to maintain a balance between competitive edge in a sport and ensuring athlete safety.

Athletic Trainers concentrate on 3 main areas; Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation of athletic injuries. We provide these services to all student athletes at Natalia ISD. All scheduled home games are covered by an Athletic Trainer (when possible). At no time is your student expected to make a sports medicine decision on their own accord. I am always available to assist in any way possible.

We expect every student athlete whom has an injury to attend morning treatment. Students should arrive no later than 6:45 to ensure time for full evaluation and treatment time. We understand that some complications with transportation or time commitment will arise, and we are willing to address those issues as they present themselves. Please understand, we require attendance of morning treatment as it will greatly benefit your student athlete during the healing process.

In any non- emergency athletic injury, we advise your student athlete to come to see the Athletic Trainer before any doctor’s appointments are made. This allows for several things to happen. First it allows relevant parties to be informed of the situation, secondly it allows us to begin the paperwork for the Natalia ISD supplemental insurance policy claims. Lastly, we work hand in hand with Ortho San Antonio and their physicians. It is preferred that your athlete sees one of our doctors from Ortho San Antonio, because they have a greater knowledge of athletic injuries and communicate very closely with the Athletic Trainer to ensure the best possible care is provided. It is important that once your student athlete visits a doctor, whether initiated by the Athletic Trainer or not, written documentation from a physician is required to return to any school related activities including practice and games.

During the year Ortho San Antonio offers a sports medicine clinic every Saturday During the fall and every other Saturday during the spring. If an athlete sustains an injury during the week and Doc Seiler thinks that they need to see the doctor, Doc Seiler will either take the athlete to the Saturday clinic or set up an appointment for them to see the doctor. When an athlete needs to go to Saturday clinic we will meet at the field house at 6:00 am and depart for San Antonio by 6:15. Athletes can ride with Doc Seiler in the school suburban, or you are more than welcome to follow Doc Seiler to the Clinic.

I invite you to contact me at any time if questions should arise, whether it pertains to information on this site or if something should arise during your student athletes time at Natalia ISD.

In closing, in order for your son or daughter to receive the optimum sports medicine care, we need both communication and cooperation. We will do our best to inform you anytime something may arise with your student athlete via phone call or email. Please contact us anytime you may feel we may be of service to your student athlete.


Thank you for allowing us to work with your student athlete!




Tyler Seiler ATC, LAT

Office: (830) 663-4416 ext. 6512

Cell: (830) 480- 2412