Boys Varsity Powerlifting · Boys Powerlifting Regional Meet Outlook

Our boys powerlifting team qualified 9 lifters and 2 alternate this year for the Regional Powerlifting Meet at Bishop High School.  We’ll have the biggest team we’ve ever had as we make the run to hopefully claim a third regional championship.


132 Weight Class:

Manny Padilla, Junior   

Best Lifts: Squat-455 Bench-235 Deadlift-465

Manny will lead our team with experience not only competing at the highest level, but as a former Regional and State Champion.  His success boils down to a few simple factors- self-discipline, heart, and a relentless attitude.  He is a competitor who knows what he wants, makes a plan to go get it,  always follows through and we expect nothing less from him this year.


Ryan Juarez, Junior

Best Lifts: Squat-385 Bench-200 Deadlift-400

Ryan’s hard work has been consistent this season and it’s clearly paying off with a big opportunity to contribute to a team win.


Evy Curiel, Sophomore (Alternate)

Best Lifts:  Squat-340 Bench-170 Deadlift-365


148 Weight Class:

Diego Zapata, Sophomore

Best Lifts:  Squat-430 Bench-210 Deadlift-440

This is Diego’s second year committed to the program and came in this season ready to go to work.


181 Weight Class:

Joel Rios, Junior

Best Lifts:  Squat-430 Bench-240 Deadlift-495


198 Weight Class:

Mike Martinez, Sophomore

Best Lifts:  Squat-540 Bench-260 Deadlift-465


Chance Lamb, Senior (Alternate)

Best Lifts:  Squat-450 Bench-270 Deadlift-510


242 Weight Class:

Uriel Arellano, Sophomore

Best Lifts:  Squat-505 Bench-345 Deadlift-475


275 Weight Class:

Oscar Ramirez, Senior

Best Lifts:  Squat-575 Bench-350 Deadlift-495


Paul Billalobos, Sophomore

Best Lifts:  Squat-615 Bench-295 Deadlift-485


SHW Weight Class:

Vic Cruz, Senior

Best Lifts:  Squat-530 Bench-360 Deadlift-545

After missing a big opportunity last year, Vic came back this season rededicated himself with a clear vision.